Ambassador Profile Series

Over the past six months we have been catching up with IncludeAbility Ambassadors to talk about their lives, current projects and interests and employment for people with disability. 

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Image of Simon wearing a shirt and standing in front of a tree. Simon is smiling

Simon Katterl 

Simon is a mental health advocate, and a consultant at Simon Katterl Consulting. Simon has worked on important reforms in the sector, including at the Royal Commission, for the Victorian Government, in peer and mentoring work, and in human rights. 


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Black and White Image of Trudi Fischer.

Trudi Fischer 

Trudi is a Physiotherapist and Arrowsmith Program teacher. Trudi worked as a physiotherapist in rural WA prior to her injury and has since worked in the tertiary sector and small business. 

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Image of Paul wearing a suit and tie and smiling at the camera

Paul Harpur

Paul is an Associate Professor at the University of Queensland Law School, athlete, and the 2022 Blind Australian of the Year.

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Image of Lisa Stafford wearing a black jumper and smiling. Lisa has long blond hair. The background is farm land.

Lisa Stafford

Lisa is a Planning expert in Inclusive Communities and Cities, and is currently a Senior Research ARC DECRA Fellow at the School of Geography, Planning and Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania.

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Image of Sam Drummond smiling at the camera

Sam Drummond

Sam Drummond is a Discrimination Lawyer, lives in Naarm (Melbourne) and is a self-confessed tea connoisseur.

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Image of Audrey wearing black and against a wall with swirly black artwork

Audrey O'Connor 

Audrey is an actor, film maker, screen writer and author. 

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Image of Tim. He has brown short hair and is wearing a red jacket with a hood. He is speaking

Tim Ferguson 

Tim is a widely acclaimed comedian, screen writer, author, actor, comedy coach, advocate, and patron of MS Australia. 

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Image of Jane at the pool. She is wearing a swimming cap and goggles on her head. She is smiling at the camera. Jane is sitting in a wheelchair beside the pool. There is a man standing next to her smiling and wearing red

Jane Spring 

Jane is the Chair of the Disability Council in New South Wales. Jane is pursuing a non-executive director career and  loves travelling, seeing the world and enjoying recreational activities with her friends.

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