‘Meet the Experts’ Video Campaign

'Meet the Experts’

The IncludeAbility project’s video Meet the Experts showcases the skills, knowledge and experience that Australians with disability bring to their workplaces.

Discrimination against people with disability in the workplace is far too common, with recent data showing nearly half of all employees with a disability had experienced some form of discrimination or unfair treatment in the workplace in the past year.[1]

By featuring ten real employees with lived experience of a variety of disabilities, all at different stages in their professional careers, Meet the Experts seeks to break down attitudinal barriers and misconceptions around employment opportunities for the one-in-five Australians with a disability.

Former Disability Discrimination Commissioner Dr Ben Gauntlett says, “A key aim of the IncludeAbility Project is to show organisations that people with disability bring unique expertise to their vocations. If an employer overlooks someone simply because they have a disability, they might be overlooking the best candidate for the job.”

People featured in the video work in professions including events management, university education, catering, and massage therapy.

Particular attention was given to the inclusive and accessible production of the video: people with disability worked both behind the camera, as well as in front. You can view a behind-the scenes video on this page documenting the work of voice-over artist Alistair Lee, who is vision impaired.

The video has also been produced with a variety of features to enhance its accessibility, including captioning, Auslan interpretation and Audio Description.


'Meet the Experts’ full-length video, audio described

'Meet the Experts’ 60-second cut-down, version one, audio described

'Meet the Experts’ 60-second cut-down, version two, audio described

'Meet the Experts’ 30-second cut-down, version one

'Meet the Experts’ 30-second cut-down, version two

Behind the Scenes with Alistair Lee

The video shows Alistair in his home studio testing his sound equipment, printing his script in Braille, and recording the voice-over. In the final scene, Alistair’s guide dog watches on in approval.

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s IncludeAbility Project aims to increase meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability, and to close the gap in workforce participation between people with disability and people without disability. Resources, guides and factsheets are available at the following links:


[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics, Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings, 2018 (Catalogue No. 4430.0, 24 November 2019).