Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Diversity, equity and inclusion

CommBank are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and we want our people to feel respected, safe and included at work. This means embracing our differences and celebrating the things we have in common, staying connected to each other and taking extra care in what we say and do every day.  


Our 2024-26 Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy outlines our commitment to improving accessibility and inclusion for people with disability, people who are neurodivergent and carers. At the centre, is our goal to design inclusive products, services, experiences and workplaces that provide equitable access and dignity for all our customers, people and communities. We call this ‘dignity by design’. 


To guide us, we have developed a strategic ecosystem with three core pillars – mindset, maturity and metrics:

  • Mindset: foster an environment that embodies genuine inclusivity and disability confidence
  • Maturity: enable and expect our people to integrate accessibility principles into their work
  • Metrics: have appropriate controls and measures in place to safeguard our commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

Our Accessibility and Inclusion strategy was designed in consultation with our people, customers and community partners through a rigorous process of Human Centred Design. 

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