Access and Inclusion Health Check

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The IncludeAbility Access and Inclusion Health Check is a tool designed to assist workplaces to determine how inclusive and accessible they are.

This Health Check guide is modelled on a number of Australian and international assessment tools and covers the following areas:

  • disability inclusion policies and programs
  • workplace culture and leadership
  • recruitment processes
  • access to the built environment
  • accessible and inclusive information and communications technology (ICT)
  • retention and promotion processes (including training and upskilling)
  • the collection and use of workforce data

The Access and Inclusion Health Check takes approximately 30 - 60 minutes and should be completed by, or with, appropriate senior leaders. 

This Health Check is designed to be completed annually. It will identify areas that workplaces are doing well in, and areas that may need improvement. By completing the Health Check annually organisations can compare against their benchmark and measure how far they have come in making their workplace more accessible and inclusive.

The Health Check may also give organisations ideas on how to make their workplace more accessible and inclusive.

The IncludeAbility team are available to assist you to complete this tool with your organisation.

Contact IncludeAbility team for more information.