Targeted Recruitment of people with disability

Image of woman in wheelchair in front of whiteboard speaking

Targeted Recruitment 

One way a business can hire and keep more people with disability is to have a targeted recruitment strategy. A targeted recruitment strategy is where employers target the recruitment of people with disability, or a particular disability, into their business or organisation.

IncludeAbility has produced Guidelines, which provide information about designing and implementing targeted recruitment strategies. The Guidelines also have information about how a targeted recruitment strategy could meet the requirements of a ‘special measure’ which is consistent with anti-discrimination laws across Australia.

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Image of Disability Discrimination Commissioner Dr Ben Gauntlett

Former Disability Discrimination Commissioner Dr Ben Gauntlett talks about targeted recruitment

As part of broader comprehensive employer strategies to achieve greater workforce diversity, targeted recruitment strategies are crucial to addressing the discrimination and attitudinal, systemic, and structural barriers faced by people with disability in securing work opportunities. They are also key to achieving inclusive workplaces and communities.

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