Meet the IncludeAbility Employer Network

Employers creating meaningful opportunities for people with disability.

The IncludeAbility Employer Network comprises some of Australia's largest public and private sector organisations, and membership is by invitation of the Disability Discrimination Commissioner. The network actively creates meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability, and creates accessible and inclusive workplaces for everyone.

By joining the Employer Network these employers have committed to: 

  • creating accessible and inclusive workplaces 
  • promoting meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for people with disability
  • attending regular meetings to confidentially discuss ways to improve the long-term employment of people with disability in their organisation and Australia more generally
  • collecting and reviewing data within their organisation on the employment of people with disability, to assess progress
  • advocating publicly and privately for other organisations to improve employment opportunities and conditions for people with disability.

CEOs and Senior Leaders met in Sydney on 16 March 2023 to discuss ways to increase meaningful and long-term employment opportunities for Australians with disability. Read more about the IncludeAbility Senior Leadership Forum.

The Disability Discrimination Commissioner is pleased to introduce you to the members of the IncludeAbility Employer Network.