Welcome to IncludeAbility

Dr Ben

Welcome to IncludeAbility

Dr Ben Gauntlett
Disability Discrimination Commissioner

IncludeAbility is designed to support:

  • employers who want to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability

  • people with disability seeking employment, developing a career or considering self-employment.

Why we need IncludeAbility

The employment and economic outcomes for the 4.4 million Australians with disability are concerning.

Almost 1 in 5 people in Australia have a disability.
In 2018 the labour force participation rate for people with disability aged 15-64 years was 53.4%, compared with 84.1% of people the same age without disability
16.5% of adults with disability live in poverty compared to 10.6% of people without a disability
Nearly half (45.2%) of all employed people with disability reported that they had experienced unfair treatment or discrimination due to their disability from their employer in the past 12 months.

Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics, ACOSS and UNSW Sydney, and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Please refer to Factsheet – Disability and employment in Australia.


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