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Welcome to IncludeAbility

Dr Ben Gauntlett
Former Disability Discrimination Commissioner

IncludeAbility is an initiative of the Australian Human Rights Commission (the Commission) developed to increase meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability, and to close the gap in workforce participation between people with disability and people without disability.

Within the context of IncludeAbility a meaningful employment opportunity is:

  • a source of economic independence (that is, paid at the prevailing wage)
  • either ongoing or with a significant prospect of becoming ongoing
  • provided in an open context
  • fulfilling
  • inclusive.

The Commission and Dr Gauntlett thank the Paul Ramsay Foundation for providing seed funding for this initiative and Boston Consulting Group for its pro bono assistance with the development of this initiative.

Paul Ramsay Foundation - Partnerships for potential Boston Consulting Group

The Commission and Dr Gauntlett also wish to thank the Australian Government Department of Social Services for the support they are providing through funding for IncludeAbility.


IncludeAbility is comprised of four components:

  • IncludeAbility Employer Network

    The IncludeAbility Employer Network is comprised of some of Australia’s largest public and private sector employers. Membership is by invitation of the Disability Discrimination Commissioner.

    By joining the Employer Network the leaders of these employers have committed to: 

    • creating accessible and inclusive workplaces 
    • promoting meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for people with disability
    • attending regular meetings to confidentially discuss ways to improve the long-term employment of people with disability in their organisation and Australia more generally
    • collecting and reviewing data within their organisation on the employment of people with disability, to assess progress
    • advocating publicly and privately for other organisations to improve employment opportunities and conditions for people with disability.

    LINK: Meet the IncludeAbility Employer Network members

  • Ambassador Advisory Group

    The Ambassador Advisory Group is comprised of individuals with lived experience of disability. The Ambassadors, who are at varying stages of their careers and have different life experiences, will support the work of the Employer Network, and IncludeAbility more broadly, as subject matter experts. In doing so, they will also create awareness of the opportunities created by employing people with disability and the need to carefully develop policies concerning issues such as the disclosure of certain types of disability.

    Link: Meet the IncludeAbility Ambassadors

  • Employment resources web portal 

    The IncludeAbility team has developed a series of publicly available guides, factsheets and other resources to support: 

    • employers who want to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability
    • people with disability seeking employment, developing a career or considering self-employment.

    These resources can be printed or shared electronically with colleagues, friends and family members.

    Link: Resources for people with disability
    Link: Resources for employers.

  • Programs

    The IncludeAbility team will work with members of the Employer Network, and other experts, to co-design two pilot programs to support the meaningful employment of people with disability.